About the show...

         Le Geek So Chic  is pleased to bring the latest and greatest nerd fashion to the forefront. Our show stopping event celebrates various fashions for multitudinous fandoms all while proudly promoting body positivity. Any size, any age, any ethnicity, any gender; everyone who is a geek can be a model. With designers from all over the country, and sometimes abroad, we showcase diverse collections from everyday casual wear to haute couture. 

Geeks don’t fit the mold, we break the mold. 

         If there is room in the program schedule, we also do a Geek Fashion panel that involves us, the designers that are able to be there, and a few of the models- to talk about how geek fashion is an important expression on oneself, their favorite fandoms, goes beyond T-shirt dresses (which are still great!), how geek fashion and cosplay cross over, and is for everyone (body positivity.)

About the founders...

Bernadette and Lauren have been doing geek fashion shows at conventions for years, curating geek designers and models across the country.

Le Geek So Chic is our new branding, as we’re trying to spread our wings a little bit further to come out to more conventions and events nation-wide and hopefully internationally!

Bernadette Bentley

Bernadette Bentley, the "bubbly, bright-eyed, broadway babe," is a bi-coastal actor, dancer, singer, choreographer, director, VO Artist, Model, Host, and Cosplayer. 

With her 25+ years in the entertainment industry as both a performer and a director, she has a keen eye for making the LGSC fashion show the best possible show for your event or convention. 

She can be seen as the Chatroom Host for Comikaze All Year Long on thestream.tv. 

Bernadette is passionately pursuing her dream of enriching lives with entertainment.

Lauren Matesic

An award-winning designer from the internationally renowned Castle Corsetry, Lauren has designed and built hundreds of corsets as well as custom costume orders specializing in impeccable cosplay recreations. Working on productions from web-shorts and music videos to features, she has tons of experience in organizing and handling big projects. As a geeky girl herself, Lauren's enthusiasm makes her work truly exceptional.

© 2016 by Le Geek So Chic

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